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Our fully integrated transportation management system allows for total control over shipments through available real-time truck tracking and by maintaining constant communication with drivers and network partners. R&R Express, Inc. designs seamless and cost-effective transportation solutions to meet our customers' ever-changing logistics needs


Balkan's experience in the marketplace, buying power and relationships with regional and national LTL providers, as well as an industry leading technology platform provides an LTL solution that usually is significantly more efficient than most customers are able to secure on their own. This solution simplifies the LTL portion of the supply chain as well as delivering material savings to the organization.


Balkan has direct rail contracts and relationships with Union Pacific, CSX, Kansas City Southern, Norfolk Southern, and Canadian National Railway amongst others that allow us to offer service directly with these operators. Combining these capabilities with our network of assets allows us to meet even the most demanding transportation expectations. Our broad portfolio of intermodal solutions provides industry-leading on-time service for customers of all sizes and industries.


Over-weight transport, commonly referred to as heavy haul or over-dimensional, requires careful planning to ensure safe, on-time delivery. For over 30 years Balkan's heavy haul service has provided our clients with the best in heavy haul solutions. Heavy haul trucking demands close attention to a variety of load-specific details, particularly in route planning, safety requirements, load permits and specialty equipment. Balkan's transportation professionals understand what it takes to execute these complex shipments.

Freight Brokerage

We utilize our proprietary technology to access the small carrier community more quickly and with greater success than a shipper typically can on its own. Balkan has worked tirelessly to build the relationships held within the carrier community and we are experts at deploying these assets on behalf of our carriers and customers.

Managed Transportation

We utilize the knowledge gained from over 35 years of market experience to get the most value for your transportation dollar. Balkan's Managed Transportation Solutions can be provided remotely or, if you prefer, on-site at your location.

Project Logistics

Project planning and logistics require close attention to detail and a thorough understanding of project-specific expectations. Balkan Express understands the complexities of project planning; this is what we do every day. Balkan has cultivated close relationships with permit offices, local utility companies, crane and equipment providers, and partner-carriers throughout North America, which enables us to safely and efficiently drive our customers' projects to completion. We offer only practical solutions with a clear plan at highly competitive pricing.